Social Media Research & Data Entry Services

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Social Media Data Entry Services:

We can effectively handle large-scale social media data entry tasks, extracting information like Facebook URL, along with contact details, like names, email ids, postal addresses, cell phone numbers, etc., from Facebook profiles. We can place this information in an excel spreadsheet, and can upload it into any other database, or as suggested by the client. We can also match the profiles against the criteria or attributes you mention. Our data entry specialists are proficient at social media data collection and entry, and ensure that all of the information collected and entered is correct.

Our key Social Media Research Services include:

LinkedIn research and data entry

Facebook data extraction and data entry

Twitter data collection and entry

Wikipedia research and entry

Foursquare data collection and data entry

Social Media Research & Data Entry Services:

As social media offers an easy access for users to create and share information, massive amounts of user-generated data exist, which can be used for gaining insights and actionable patterns both for researchers as well as businesses.

Social Media Research Services: offers effective social media research services to help you improve business intelligence, and grasp evolving social phenomena to develop innovative opportunities and provide better services. Be it business promotion and networking, gauging through social brand perception or customer support, talent scouting, conducting academic research or running political campaigns, social media has been finding its many ground-breaking uses.

Social media data mining / web research is finding its place in a major way in:

Brand awareness and perception research

Trend analysis and sales prediction

Fast-tracking viral marketing campaigns

Restructuring business models

Decision support systems