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Why should you hire a virtual assistant from India?

Today, India is one country that offers cost-effectiveness, great quality, high reliability, speedy deliveries and, above all, the use of state-of-the-art technologies in the software industry. Due to a diversified economy, rapidly growing start-up ecosystem, high work performance and an excellent infrastructure, it offers a vibrant business environment, that is ideal for young entrepreneurs and highly skilled professionals. 

It is also trusted by widely known companies, such as Barclays, IBM, AIG, Western Union. In recent years, India has established itself as a highly attractive country for both technology companies and many other businesses, that require highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals to help them reach long-term financial goals. 

Outsourcing to India would be good for your business and it makes a perfect sense since Indians are hard workers and have an impeccable work ethic compared to other international VAs. 

You can find quality but less expensive workforce from INDIA. Aside from skills, they value competence and are well versed in both spoken and written English. There were times when a company consisted of a number of departments and all kinds of jobs and official documentation was done in-house. 

Outsourcing initially started by giving small jobs to small units and the assembling of machinery was done in the parent structure. The concept of outsourcing data processing is comparatively new and got a real boost with the advancement of computer technology. 

WHY OUTSOURCE TO INDIA? A recent survey says, 80% of European and US outsourcing firms ranked India as their number one outsourcing destination. The National Association of Software & Service Companies (NASSCOM) also reported that almost half of all 

Fortune 500 companies choose to outsource software development to Indian outsourcing firms. Checkout the major points why India is the best choice for outsourcing destination. 

+A High ratio of educated & talented people. India has the largest technical and professional talent pool in the world: India is still unmatched when it comes to skills and human resources. India also holds the distinction of being the largest English speaking nation in the world, larger even than the US and UK combined 

+ Labor cost is 4 times lower than competitors. India offers flexible pricing options: The number one reason why India remains a top outsourcing provider is due to the significant cost savings that companies can achieve. 

+ India provides consistent high-quality services: Indian operational process provides best-practice management processes, ensuring that customers’ expectations are fulfilled and Indian support a consistently high-quality contract delivery. 

Availability of skilled English speaking workforce has been a major reason behind India’s emergence as a global outsourcing hub. • During FY08–15 number of graduates addition to the talent pool in India grew at a CAGR of 9.4 percent • India added around 5.8 million graduates to the talent pool during FY15 • Growing talent pool of India has the ability to drive the R&D and innovation business in the IT-BPM space. OUTSOURCING TO VIRTUALOUSPRO: 

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